Tuesday, 14 November 2006

A website, car and company?

Continuing my series of blogs of ideas – this is number 4. This one may be a little too far out! But the concept is good and maybe you can use it for your business?

It can be difficult in the U.K. getting a personalised number plate for your car. It’s harder than registering a domain on the Internet. At least with a domain you can get it if it hasn’t already gone! But the DVLA make getting a personalised number a little more difficult. Does this add to the desirability of such a number plate and the kudos of owning one? I like to start my blogs with a picture.
I think you may have got my idea, just looking at the picture. Yes, you can have that registration for just £499! Drive it around and it will remind people of your web site – which is also available and WWW.Y18XXX.NET is available too! Then all you have to do is register a company called – you guessed it! Y18XXX.LTD. But what kind of company would this be useful for? I suppose it would be something naughty? I can imagine some Viagra king – driving this Ferrari around the UK. It would be a shame to have WWW.Y18XXX.COM painted on the side though. Maybe, it could be put somewhere prominent – but discreet? Incidentally, Y121 XXX is also available and so is WWW.Y121.XXX.COM . I suppose that would be good for a sexy 1 to 1 dating agency.

Some people are really in to status symbols. I had an email from a company in the Far East asking if I wanted to buy replica Rolex watches and that sort of thing. I would buy a replica – I certainly wouldn’t waste money on a real one! Having your personalised number plate on a Ferrari helps improve the perception of your status of course. But if you really want to improve your status in the UK – you have to speak properly! Regional accents can be very bad for ones image! Clothes are strange, if you really have a lot of status – you can get away with anything. But it should be quality. It doesn’t have to be particularly smart or anything or a designer label. Designer labels are for “chavs” together with replica Rolex and personalised number plates, I suppose! Are personalised number plates “bling”? It’s all about attracting attention and making an impression. You have to attract attention in business – publicity is much less expensive than advertising!

It’s called socio-economic status. Your status doesn’t just depend upon how much money you have. It depends upon you income, your assets, your social circle, your education and the way you behave. That last one really lets people down, especially politicians! Having an affair with your personal assistant is bad – an affair with your friends wife almost unforgivable.

It’s not just politicians that try to keep up an appearance of having a higher socio-economic status – but civil servants too. They have to be very careful, even a simple email can bring you down. I had one today and the guy had attached the email he had received to an email and forwarded it on! But so had several people before him! This gave me a very interesting list of email addresses. They were doctors, administrators in the National Health Service, civil servants – all wasting public money. They use public computers to send around jokes and video clips. This particular video clip wasn’t even funny and had been watched and passed on by senior people working for National and local government. We the public are put on hold when we phone them – now you know why – what they are so busy doing. You would be surprised at how careless some were – not only giving out their full name, job, hospital, phone number and other confidential information. I could pass it on to the public accounts committee at the House of Commons or the Audit Commission?

I imagine, most of the people on my list of email addresses (and other information) are really in to “bling” – most would be earning well – most were women administrators. I expect they would have designer clothes, mobile phones with all the latest gizmos and camera, lots of gold jewellery of course and when it comes to replying to emails from the general public – they send out a standardised reply – they haven’t the time to write a proper reply. I have no doubt they are highly educated with a qualification in administration or some such nonsense. They are experts in gobbledygook and confusion. One lady on the list is in charge of waiting lists at a hospital that was recently reported to be more in debt than any other in the UK. This is not good for her image.

These are the people who make £50,000 a year and see their homes go up in value by a similar amount and then go to Eastern Europe on a “buy to let” investment trip and them complain when Eastern Europeans who can’t afford their rent – want to come here to earn money! In some countries – they are selling their babies to buy their homes – to escape escalating rents. I shouldn’t really give these people ideas….
The lesson in all this is of course, your clothes, your “bling”, your image – it doesn’t matter. It is your principles that are important and in our NHS we need everyone to be dedicated – administrators as well as medical staff. So before you go out and buy more jewellery, perfume, designer clothes or pay a silly price for a personalised number plate. I would take a look in the mirror and see if you like the person looking back? Do they have standards? Do you have morals? Do you have the respect of others? Or are you all show and “bling” and as fake as your “Rolex” watch?


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